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                           Collection Letter

With the wishes of reappearring the historical scenes of Medical History in China more fully, truly and vividly and better inheritting and carrying forward the culture of Medical in China , more historical evidence relevanted from colleagues home and abroad are needed.Your support is vital in enabling the Museum to fulfil its mission to share its collection with the world.

The Museum relies on funding from a wide range of sources and there are many ways that you can donate to help ensure the display, care and preservation of the collection for future generations.

I    Relevant literature and image data about Medical history in China.

IIPersonality Records of Medical history in China.

III  Historical pictures, image data, books and literature of each provincial Medical, as well as the relevant material objects such as drugs and instruments with historicalsignificance.

IVRelevant materials and objects of drugs, instruments and devices in theprocess of times changing.

V Document literature and material objects related to international academicexchange.

Ways of Exhibits Collection

I   Donation

II  Loan shows

III  Duplication

IV  Escrow exhibits

Notes:Itwill award the certificates and memorial trophies fordonation units or individuals after experts evaluate the historical materials or physical exhibits. When displaying the material objects, we willmark donation units or individuals to show our appreciation at the same time; For the units or individuals with outstanding contribution, we will embody and permanently collect in the form of pictures or hand print (pending) at the Main Hall of Museum of Medical Sciences

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