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Emergency Care Brief History

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Application of first aid techniques in ancient China: "emergency" has been in use about 1,600 years in China. The first prototype of aid activities can be traced back to ancient primitive society, multiple trauma traces of ancient human fossils confirms the ancestors in the basic struggle for survival instinct has been formed to deal with injuries emergency shape. Warring States period, "Yellow Emperor" in a "first aid" Early theoretical overview. "Q" pointed out: "to work every day to save their bud ...... getting off to save it has become," that is pointed skilled physicians to actively rescue in the early injuries, poor technique in the treatment of injuries slow quack late worthy called the medical literature so far the earliest and most concise "principles of first aid." Eastern Han Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing in his book "Golden Chamber" discussed the topic: "save hanging dead ...... slowly solution can not cut the rope holding the upper and lower security of a person is lying to foot their shoulders, hand pull their hair less often strings. chord Do of longitudinal; a human hand press, according to the breasts, and the number of moving of a person friction arm tibia flexion and extension of, if it has stiff, but gradually the strong bent of; press its belly so a cooking ares, air from the mouth. breathing eyes open, and still lead set by Mo, also do the elbow grease. " This is so far the world's first detailed text on chest compressions and other resuscitation records, as early as 1000 years in the West. Doctors Jin Dynasty Ge Hong "elbow Emergencies" Breaking the historical process of China emergency number first.

Origin of modern emergency care can be traced back to the 19th century, Florence Nightingale (F .Nightin gale) era. 1854 ~ 1856 Britain, Russia and Turkey in the Crimea during the war, the front line of war-wounded British soldiers mortality rate as high as 42%, Nightingale led 38 nurses to the field ambulance, mortality dropped to 2% thereby fully proved emergency care in the rescue of critically ill patients in the important role of human health Medicine.

Emergency Care and Emergency Medicine: emergency care development are closely related to the development of emergency medicine. In the early 1960s, the United States and other Western societies developed countries, due to the high development of industrial civilization, the rapid development of highway, traffic accidents accounted for the death of the first cause of death in young adults; improve people's living standards, induced hypertension, coronary heart disease the rapid increase in the incidence of sudden cardiac death will be increased; catastrophic accidents occur frequently; in the context of this appeal to the whole society awareness of "emergency" importance. In 1966, the United States enacted the "Highway Safety Act" to provide first aid to attach importance to and actively training of primary emergency aid technical personnel and non-medical workers, and achieved good results, the next emergency medicine from road safety to all-round health and Rapid development. Turns to the emergency room doctors, nurses realize the rescue needs of many critically ill patients.





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