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[Nursing] Angel qualities industry specializing in surgery - remember the forty-third Nightingale medalist Chen Rongxiu

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Tianjin Care Center director Chen Rongxiu QC won the forty-third Nightingale Medal, behind every "Florence Nightingale," have a quiet dedication to the nursing profession, flaunt the spirit of humanitarian aid to life, emitting the human love of glory, they also created a brilliant life.

Boundless love character dictates

Chen Rongxiu childhood living near her home in the care of the Cancer Hospital of Tianjin Medical University predecessor Madaifu Memorial Hospital, from whose windows will be able to see the hospital ward, she is also often associated with primary school students - when he was a horse hospital doctor daughter to play together in the hospital, some patients see very painful expression, eyes flashing eyes for help, her heart was struck: if I can rescue them and let them get rid of the more painful Well! she's a kind of dormant heart patient compassion and love, this sense of feeling her life decisions. After high school she was selected to the nursing school in Tianjin, more surprisingly, the fate of really making her the hospital (at the time has been changed to the Tianjin Municipal People's Hospital, now the Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital oncology a nurse, so she gets what it wants in this world full of dreams of a career achievement.

She started as angel wings, heart hold of a conviction: dedication, to assume responsibility, to assume the mission, for which she was happy to work with full vigor. Her enthusiasm infected around the patient, the patient is always willing to find her something, she tirelessly busy in the ward, but the more the more she was busy happy, happy feeling of being needed, to help patients get rid of the feeling the pain after pleased. It is an emotion, a feeling, an attitude, a spirit, accompanied by her 46-year career in clinical nursing. Through her mind, we clear why she was so into work, she was always at the forefront in time of distress, to fulfill the duties - the event of a strong earthquake in Tangshan and Tianjin severely affected, she hesitate braved aftershocks dangerous rushed to the hospital immediately to bring together nurses, decisively directing rescue the injured on guard, so that the patient turned the corner. But a few days later, when she dragged his exhausted body back home, the family has not hole house has collapsed, the elderly and children were taken to a temporary shack. In 2003, when the SARS outbreak Chinese earth, she took the initiative please level the line, as a result of the overall arrangement, the hospital did not approve, she is responsible for the overall command of the work of hospital care. She every day in the hospital room and board, but the "red zone" came the bad news: due to lack of protection experience, when some nurses were infected with SARS, regardless of the danger she decided to enter the 'red zone', double-check the "red zone "every details of the work, with many years of experience, she quickly discovered problems: personal protection is not in place, methods are not standardized, workflow and unreasonable, and resolved one by one, then the" red zone, every day "zero infection" and, more importantly, she returned to the "red zone 'nurses spiritual support: old Officer, nursing on heart there at the end, until the successful completion of the task.

Surgery industry specializing duty

Nursing career for Chen Rongxiu it is life, she will completely melt people including himself, to perform the functions, relieve patient suffering, her lifelong dream, a dream to chase her nursing career to create a lot of first.

The early 1960s, the Chinese people talk about the mere mention of cancer, especially breast cancer and colorectal cancer surgery stoma patients, the cancer is not only causing serious damage to the patient's body after surgery the patient will have to face the strange eyes of others, We face enormous challenges dignity, their helplessness, and even despair, as long as the sun need assistance. Chen Rongxiu collision with the patient's pain, she wanted to hold up this responsibility, for which she established in the field of oncology nursing home first breast rehabilitation rooms, self-developed rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation of the breast is divided into physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation. Rehabilitation body three parts, and free for the patient to provide services. She also has more than 3,000 cases of breast cancer patients after a study conducted in 1990, her paper "Breast Cancer Care Series postoperative rehabilitation" at the 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Oncology on the exchange in 2005, she He made a "rehabilitation of breast cancer," the international Symposium on breast Cancer Research conference report, her breast cancer care in academic occupies a place. In the early 1970s, she advocated "ward culture" and established a "patient group", organized jointly with the patient to fight the disease in Tianjin, she founded the Association of ostomy care for cancer patients day after making the construction a "spiritual release station" so that every life in the hope that efforts to maintain dignity in mutual support, so that the patient has to hold up a life of hope fulcrum. Nurse nursing career is the most valuable asset, as nursing administrators, generals love her like soldiers fondness for nurses, nurse protection. In order to safeguard the health of nurses, she led the team created the first domestic security configuration chemotherapy room, and led the team through many sleepless nights, developed a toxic chemotherapy drug safety console, the nurse provides a secure working environment. Today, the hospital already has an area of 300 square meters, has eight international first-class equipment chemotherapy deployment center, and accordingly develop and perfect a variety of specifications, allow the caregiver's health indices were within the normal range, she nurses chemical protection effectively contributed.

She chaired the first domestic monograph oncology nursing, oncology nursing textbooks to fill the gaps in China. Editor of the "practical nursing skills," "Community Care and neoplastic disease self-management", creating a precedent for cancer care community; in Tianjin, she also established the first cancer patient hospice ward: respect every life, so that terminally ill patients have dignity safely leave. She led her team to the first introduction of the subclavian vein puncture technique, and for the training of nurses across the country more than 1,400 people ...... 46 years, she is so down to earth, bit by bit in the unremitting efforts, assured power from her care the cause of the faith, and implicit in the heart of the world dedicated to patient care, but also gain his life.

Forging ability and integrity team

In many of the factors of production, it is the most important, and to cultivate a high moral character, skilled nursing team is the key in the key. Chen Rongxiu years nursing team building as a strategy works well with particular emphasis on training cyanide nurses teach moral qualities she believes cyanide, professional skills is essential care, dedicated service is the highest level of care, so nurses in addition to excellent professional skills , but also have high professional emotion, the only way to better work in nursing. For which she will nurse quality education and emotional education together organically, shaping nursing teams, plastic heart, the continuity of the culture of plastic goods, emotional and vocational education into the daily care services.

Nurses image building, since 1988 she has been organized on various topics, a variety of activities. To "force the service is due, intentions to achieve the perfect" service concept, to the nurses in batches, phased etiquette training, training rate of 95%, standardized nurse acts to enhance the standard of behavior, after ten years the image of nurses and quality of the building, creating a cancer hospital care cozy atmosphere.

She occupation emotional shape as a career to build each year a theme, such as organizing a "helping hand" "to enable patients to enjoy the sun," "Nursing continuation of life, eternal love cast" "Life carries heavy Torg keep faith occupation "" pray for the patient but also the patient wishes "and other large series of activities, the formation of a unique emotion hospital care service chain, from the nurses came to realize that the patient is in a very fragile and in need of help special groups, nurses a smile, a kind words, you can make the patient feel warm, and to gain strength and courage to live life. The nurse caring for a patient devoted, a responsibility, it will zoom out multiple effect, which is the guardian of the value of life of nurses. In addition, she also focus on training for nurses "emotional communication", so that patients in the nurse's sentence, a smile, a look gained confidence, strength and courage, and to communicate caring to patients. Under her foster cordial, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital now has a 'good image support, high emotional intelligence, good quality care team and the hospital formed a "Cultural care, family services," the concept of care.

She also places great emphasis on team-building, based on the best use of each person's strengths. Her broad-minded, look for opportunities to send young and nursing staff to go abroad to study, through their opening to the outside world, the introduction of a new concept of nursing, care of new technologies and new methods of work, in her view, only the strong team is the real strong.

New mission and on the journey

Today, Chen Rongxiu Nianyuhuajia still loved her nursing career in careful work, after she retired from the Cancer Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin is currently serving as the director of nursing quality control center post, she was still a high standard in this post demands on themselves, with the ability to spare no effort to work for many years in the savings continue to play a role.

- Improve the standard and improve the quality of care: Care quality control center to become assistant health authorities, to have new ideas to nursing science, and therefore on the professional standards identified by the data re-repair such as nursing staffing to provide a specific number of standards, and in accordance with human nurse is determined to open the number of beds; nurse using hierarchical management, should be divided into actual ability level nurses, and to develop responsibility and assessment, evaluation criteria for each level of nurses and nurse the technical position and its ability to correspond to reflect care professional.

- Seize bottlenecks, strengthen training: in clinical nursing care to establish a "safety culture", in order to ensure patient safety is the main work, so for ICU nurses Discovery bed face many risk factors, high professional competence requirements! Features strengthen its training and explore management processes, models and methods from the training of ICU nurses certification exam in order to ensure quality of care bed I}; in nursing management training, to seize the "high end" crowd - Director of nursing and the head nurse, by improving their professional skills and management level, in particular through the concept of the injecting their human management, strengthen human management, enhance the nursing director and head nurse of the non-power influence, and thus play a leading role, bring the whole care team improve. - To enhance patient satisfaction as a priority: to provide quality services around the needs of patients, to achieve patient satisfaction. Chen Rongxiu work has been meticulous, and always hands, she personally through questionnaires, evaluation of the patient's understanding of care, in order to identify the problems in order to continuous improvement. She often said, to do the work necessary to be realistic, which should permeate responsibility, to achieve the effect of doing things, and the face of the desire to help patients to assume responsibility, there must be a sincere attitude, do not be afraid of patients are not satisfied, the most important It is to identify the cause of discontent, and to the real results of the analysis of the survey as an important basis for evaluation of the patient's quality of care.

- Primary care, specialist care can be neglected Chen Rongxiu believes that the current "quality care demonstration project" activities, increased the intensity of primary care, which is the fundamental care is take great efforts to consolidate and strengthen this with specialist care is not contradictory, both to be taking into account. This is a different major two components, only a solid foundation in order to promote the development of professional direction, so to implement the overall care, take the form of primary nursing, nurse stimulate the patient's sense of responsibility and mission, should always reflect the "patient centric "pay more attention to meet the needs of patients, provide patients with comprehensive, continuous physical and psychological help, which requires the nurses to constantly improve their capabilities, including the skills, qualities, managerial skills, communication skills, etc., the only way to the patient to provide quality care, and gradually with international standards, this is our direction and goals.

Cultural heritage and the future

Nightingale spirit advocated humanitarian aid life, a love and dedication, our culture is also reflected in the care here. Chen Rongxiu this very emotion, said: "At work I just saw that nurse senior patient and meticulous, patient, kind, thoughtful, and quietly, without complaint with the patient, deeply infected me, influenced me, this is the spirit of Florence Nightingale, what we care excellent culture lies. Today, our nurses should be more inspired a kind of patient responsibility and mission, to which kinds of spiritual tradition and carry forward, like Florence Nightingale as ahead of its time, carrying the mission, and create a cause we care a new future. "

Chen Rongxiu won the forty-third Nightingale Medal, let us see her spirit, her character, as she said: "It was ever such a scene, never received so much ! flowers, so much love to let me know that only a lifetime to love others, will be loved "her love for the patient, to the nurses, the nurses also return her to her:." You are our pride, we do love you! "in applause and flowers, she has been a great encouragement, but the applause and honor behind, she still maintained a kind of calm and quiet in the past, she will dedicate on this road move on, because this is their true nature dictates.




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