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Acupuncture analgesia

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Acupuncture originated in China early, Que 386 BC (Qin Yue) That has been the treatment of pain with Stone, cut carbuncles and rescue dying patients. With the development of metallurgy, and gradually the use of metal needles. Mi Jin Dynasty Qin and Han summarize the experience of acupuncture since the three countries, about AD 259 years of "Acupuncture and B by"; to the Song Dynasty, the only king cast bronze acupuncture, engraved with the name and meridians Point network, and in 1027 a " bronze flute acupuncture figure, "; in 1601 the Ming Zhou Ji collection of ancient acupuncture experience, written in bronze acupuncture" Acupuncture Dacheng ", which is classics of acupuncture. Today, acupuncture treatment of various diseases more common, with a number of difficult to treat diseases of modern medicine, acupuncture treatment can often receive unexpected results.

 Acupoints acupuncture is a specific site, usually along the nerve to go line, known as points. Point both universality, that treatment of their adjacent tissues and organs of the disease, but also has specific, that is, with a specific role, such as acupuncture people excited breathing, heart rate within acupuncture off. Many points have an analgesic effect to treat pain disorders, such as acupuncture in the House, Ze-foot chest pain therapy, acupuncture gu treatment of headache, hand three years of acupuncture treatment upper extremity pain, acupuncture buccal car, Shimonoseki treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, needle thorn Zusanli stomach pain therapy, acupuncture Shaochong treatment of angina pectoris, etc., to name a few. This analgesic effect has been confirmed by modern medicine, but its slow onset and long-lasting effect of relaxation. Apart from a few points, such as first aid for humans, most suitable for the treatment of chronic pain disorders.

China's anesthesiologists in the 1970s had tried to acupuncture analgesia used in surgical anesthesia, can only get better anesthetic effect in some patients of a certain operation (such as thyroid surgery). Despite the use of opioid analgesics assistance. Surgery is still difficult to achieve for most completely painless, surgery can not be done. Incomplete analgesia, intra-abdominal surgery visceral reaction and muscle tension is a major obstacle acupuncture anesthesia. With the appropriate combination of local anesthesia, can significantly enhance the analgesic effect of acupuncture, but still can not achieve satisfactory postoperative analgesia. Seen in this light, although acupuncture analgesia is yes, but the pain intensity of anesthesia can not meet the requirements, in addition to some hospitals still use acupuncture as an adjunct anesthesia, but now many hospitals are no longer using this anesthesia method.




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