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Medical Museum visit usher peak

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Medical Museum visit usher peak

Self Medical Museum visit visitors since formal reception, camel Group ushered in the peak of the visit. In the past two weeks, we have ushered in a medical museum more than 1,200 people daily visit the number of visitors up to more than 500 people.

        Visit the entire process, the Human Resources Management Center staff and other colleagues led by specialized personnel involved to explain the corporate culture, product knowledge, and other medical advances were explained in detail. Students fully demonstrated medical museum grand sigh, while high-end products Research Institute laboratory equipment and product development showed a keen interest.

At lunchtime, the staff members were ordered to lead the team in the dining camel Group No. 1 restaurant and 2 restaurants.

       After lunch, the staff led the students in the museum on the first floor lounge, while watching camel Group videos. Thereafter, he posed for pictures in the hall, visiting teachers and students at the end of the harvest and dismay in the camel trip.

        October 10, 2015, three full College and camel Group conducted a school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony, and led some teachers and students of the Medical Museum, the plant conducted tour to explain. Following the visit, on October 17, 2015, three full INSTITUTE 2016 care, testing, and other professional and more than 300 teachers and students came to the camel Group Health Medical Technology Industrial Park to visit the museum and factory. The next day, nursing, management and other professional market Xinxiang Medical College of Medicine, more than 300 students came to the museum to visit and study. On the same day, Xinxiang Medical College Career Planning and Development Association of 45 members also visited the camel particularly health science and technology industrial park, the camel outreach group has a positive profound impact.




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