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Medical Museum reported two of the three full-MEDICAL

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Medical Museum reported two of the three full-MEDICAL


An important strategic partner three full Medical Group as a camel school-enterprise cooperation, has been maintained by a good working relationship with the camel Group.

Following the mid-July 3 Full Medical secretary Wang Jinwen access camel group and reached a preliminary intention, September 14, 2015, led by the Dean Yang Wenliang three full medical school teacher tours row more than 30 people here camel Group Health Technology park to visit Medical Museum.


The three full Medical Medical Museum visitors lineup, specifications for school pupil was a camel Group attaches great importance to the visit, accompanied by President Yang attended medical school has three full employment centers, Head of Academic Affairs and Clinical Leadership , on behalf of the teachers care, basic medicine and other 12 faculties.

Follow-up three-wide Medical 2016 clinical nursing 1800 freshmen, will visit the camel Medical Museum to learn and complete the freshmen education. Guided tour of camel group leaders are mainly administrative, Group Vice President Mr. Zhang Qingwen, Group Human Resource Management Center Huangsu Qin manager, teacher training into the administrative center of the Group of Ministers Wang Yuemin minister. President Yang line medical museum gives a high rating, but for the future development of medical museum gives constructive suggestions guidance.

President Yang and vice president Zhang Qingwen on cooperation camel motivational scholarships, camel medical marketing and personnel training class title and reached consensus on a number of strategic addition to the visit, the depth of cooperation between schools and enterprises to provide a guiding framework.




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