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Reports of the Medical Museum of Xinxiang Medical College of Nursing

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Reports of the Medical Museum of Xinxiang Medical College of Nursing
"Moving troops and horses, forage ahead" in order to better implement the group "doll marketing" strategy, good teachers and students of medical colleges and medical museum work, September 11, 2015 the Group held chaired by the executive vice president Zhang Qingwen Medical Medical students visit museums Workshops. Human resources management center, administrative center, museums and other departments were primarily responsible for and represented at the meeting, at which General Zhang once again stressed the significance of medical students to visit its important impact on the Group's development strategy, involving personnel department were clearly the division of responsibility to the people, participants of the tour route process seriously study and repeated scrutiny and form of the draft. In this meeting as a starting point, massive and far-reaching medical students visit the museum officially opened.

September 12 kind of weather, blue skies, sunny, Xinxiang Medical College of Nursing College of Nursing led by Feng Shuji teachers, school group of 15 people to come to his party cadres camel Group Health Science and Technology Industrial Park, visited the exhibition hall mall, injection workshop, mold engineering and technology center, product research institute. Through the industrial park visit, Fengyuan Zhang and his party on camel Group of research strength, covering, finishing scale have a more profound intuitive understanding, marvel at the brilliant achievements made by the Group of camel.
After the end of the park to visit, Fengyuan Zhang and his party entered, accompanied by Zhang and Mr.Huang highlight of this visit - Museum of Medical Sciences, Medical Museum just entered the door, Fengyuan Zhang and his party namely Medical Museum grand momentum of the shock, Group praised the camel generous in the business hall, teachers and students of the College of nursing was deeply Wang Guosheng chairman unyielding spirit of the shock, and frequently stop to take pictures, chairman Wang Feng Shuji represents a very touching story, inspirational, hope nursing School teachers and students to be here to accept the inspirational education.
Nursing Pavilion, teachers and students of the College of Nursing at a picture of precious old photos, a former member of the old collection completely intoxicated, praise, praise camel Medical Development Group has made an indelible contribution. Care Pavilion at the outlet of the teachers and students stood in the former nurses can not help humming the song wall up ......
Subsequent medical Academia Historica anesthesiology and during the visit even more amazing is the way, the original one-hour visit, which lasted more than two hours in the future, we only get enough to leave.
After the visit, Feng Shuji filled with emotion, expressed the hope that with camel Group to establish a more extensive cooperation, proposed as a long-term medical museum freshmen education base of Xinxiang Medical College of Nursing. Meanwhile Fengyuan Zhang to Zhang suggestions can establish a comprehensive cooperation in personnel transport, personnel training, scientific cooperation, education supplies and other supply.



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