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Chinese modern pioneer and founder of anesthesiology - Wu Jue

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Professor Wu Jue Wu, formerly known as heavy-hui, born in February 1912 in Jiangyin County, Jiangsu Province, in 1930, graduated from Suzhou provincial high school, because the results Computer Associates, was sent to the National Central University in 1933, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. 1933-1938 studied at the National Medical undergraduate Shanghai Medical University, 1938-1946 Ren Guoli Shanghai Medical physiology and pharmacology assistant. 1947 scholarship to study abroad in the national exam with outstanding results, was sent to go to the University of Wisconsin, under the tutelage of world-renowned professor of Anesthesiologists Ralph Waters, specializing in clinical anesthesia.


From 1949 to 1950 then-German University Affiliated Utah Salt Lake County Hospital anesthesiology responsible person. October 1950 Professor Wu Jue overcame many obstacles, through the sea lanes from the United States to return home.

At that time, the new Chinese anesthetic career has just started, Mr. Wu toil day and night, not only the Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated Huashan Hospital anesthesiology and, from 1952 to 1966 also served between Huadong Hospital, Chest Hospital, the first tuberculosis prevention and treatment hospital, first Affiliated hospital, second Military Medical University, Shanghai first people's hospital and honorary Director of the department of Anesthesiology. In 1956, Professor Wu Jue is the Ministry of Health and the Shanghai Municipal Higher Education Bureau of Employment for the first professor of anesthesiology. He also served as Shanghai Medical College, professor of pharmacology and professor of anesthesiology and honorary director of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology duties.

For up to 62 years in health care, coaching career, Professor Wu Jue the lifetime of wisdom and energy dedicated to the country's medical and health undertakings. He has deep knowledge in the field of clinical pharmacology and anesthesiology, especially in clinical anesthesia has made a great contribution.

He first developed in China developed the first machine-made anesthesia, continuous epidural anesthesia is the introduction of his technique, he is a derivative of short-acting and long-acting local anesthetic used in mixing the epidural block, he discovered and studied muscle relaxants and local anesthetics synergies, but also his departure from China's national conditions, the use of inhalation anesthesia and single lumen bronchial anesthesia.


"103" anesthesia machine

Please Mr. Wu Shanghai Medical Instrument imitation


Epidural catheter, needle

Professor Wu Jue also attaches great importance to discipline team building and personnel training, he valuing, words and deeds, indefatigable, as the country has trained a large number of workers in clinical anesthesia, peaches and plums all over the country and abroad. January 1993, the Chinese Medical Association has a 78-year-old, officially announced the appointment of the first batch of 41 have significant achievements in medicine, surgery expert respected senior member of the Chinese Medical Association, Professor Wu Jue award.

1962 recruit (PhD) students: Jiang Hao, Zhuangxin Liang (1962), Shen Jian South (1963)

After the Cultural Revolution, he recruited several groups of master's and doctoral students; Zhuguang Jie, Xu Futao (1979); Xue Zhanggang, Suzi Min was the last graduate (1985); Yang Jianping, Song Dajun, Fang Yan is the first PhD (1986)

High Yuhua, Li Dexin, Junjie Liu, Zhuang Xinliang, Jin Shi Ao

Zhuangxin Liang, Wu Jue, Jiang Hao

Professor Wu Jue rigorous scholarship, stressing that "strict putting the word." And continue to improve the practice of lessons learned, worked tirelessly to explore the unknown, leaving a large amount of precious wealth. A career in medicine for decades, he has hundreds of articles published in various works, personally wrote "Clinical Anesthesiology", organized the compilation of "practical anesthesiology" and other monographs. Since 1978 he served as editor of Shanghai Medical University for 12 years. In the late 70's to early 80's, he actively promoted and participated in the "Chinese Journal of Anesthesiology" and "Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology" in publication. Former member of the National Selection Committee for Science and Technology invention, Chinese Pharmacopoeia Committee, the Ministry of Health Academic Committee, deputy director of the Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology members and honorary adviser, "Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology" first, second, third, fourth consultant and "Chinese Journal of Anesthesiology", "International Journal of Anesthesiology and resuscitation Volume", "surgery", "Journal of Surgery fundamental problem", "Chinese New Drugs and clinical" and many other magazines founder, advisor, deputy editor of editor and Committee and other staff.


Professor Wu Jue contribution to development made by China anesthesia has been widely recognized at home and abroad, is China contemporary outstanding anesthesiologist and clinical pharmacologist, People's Republic of China is one of the pioneers of anesthesiology.

Professor Wu Jue high moral character, honest, helpful, candid man, his life is a struggle for the medical cause of life, innovation life, to serve the people's life.





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