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Chinese modern pioneer and founder of anesthesiology - Lixing Fang

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In 1916, Lixing Fang was born in Changsha, Hunan Province in 1942, he graduated from the Shanghai Women's Medical College, studying in the US in 1944 to study Anesthesiology. 1947 has served as anesthesiologists work in the United States Lixing Fang returned to the motherland, as the Shanghai Renji Hospital anesthesiology.

Professor Lixing Fang returning in Shanghai Renji Hospital created the establishment of a second home with anesthesiology, brought back from the United States the use of anesthesia machine and inhaled anesthetics - cyclopropane, the first in China to carry out the closed loop general anesthesia. In earlier carried out endotracheal intubation general anesthesia, and successfully completed a number of cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia, in many ways pioneered the cardiovascular anesthesia. In 1954, Professor Li Xingfang anesthesia, the first case of mitral valve closed separation surgery a success. In 1956, under her leadership and guidance, the first case of the implementation of cold abdominal aortic aneurysm resection allograft surgery anesthesia. In 1957, she and the use of ether anesthesia thiopental, at a low temperature to a congenital pulmonary valve stenosis successfully implemented a separate open heart surgery anesthesia.

Professor Lixing Fang academic efforts to explore, silently, her country for the development of anesthesiology devoted all his life. In 1957, the Chinese foreign scientific journals published Professor Lixing Fang Home on muscle relaxants cause prolonged respiratory depression papers, causing great concern in the country fellow. In 1958, the first in China to use an inhaled general anesthesia. In 1959, acupuncture anesthesia for surgery under anesthesia and cardiopulmonary bypass were studied. In terms of the experimental animals were anesthetized, successfully produced irreversible hemorrhagic shock model. 1964 National Conference on anesthesia, under the leadership of Professor Lixing Fang, read the aspects related to the application of muscle relaxant, hypothermic anesthesia, a total of nine papers, fellow attracted national attention. In 1971, Professor Li Xingfang in cooperation with another creative way to physostigmine medicine for anesthesia wake success. The mid-1970s, she helped Tibet successfully carried out the application of traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia. In 1978, led by Professor Lixing Fang Ruijin Hospital, Department of Anesthesiology successful liver, heart transplantation anesthesia animal experiments, and published the first paper in the domestic liver, heart transplant anesthesia papers. In the same year, under her leadership, the success of the implementation of a cardiomyopathy heart transplant anesthesia.

Professor Li Xingfang modest kind, approachable, excluding fame. She attaches great importance to the training of young doctors, she united collaboration with Professor Wu Jue, from time to time by organizing academic seminars impart new knowledge. She developed residency training program in anesthesia in clinical practice knowledge to teach young doctors. In Wu Jue, Professor Li Xingfang leadership, edited and published the "Practical Anesthesiology," The advent of this monograph on the development of anesthesiology, and for training of young anesthesiologists played an important role. Professor Li Xingfang knowledge and high academic status, though she did not held major leadership positions in the National Narcotic academic community, but she is the anesthesiology fellow who recognized one of the founders of Chinese modern anesthesia.

Professor Lixing Fang emigrated to America in 1986 after retirement.




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