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Father of Artificial Organs [figures]

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The famous professor Dr.Willem Johan Kolff, known as the father of artificial organs, life developed artificial kidney, artificial heart, artificial lung, artificial pancreas, artificial eyes and other organs, he made a great contribution to mankind.

His 1991 interview when he said: "When I was young, I did not want to be a doctor, because I do not look at people dying later, my purpose is to manufacture medical equipment prevent people from death.".

Is his tireless efforts, the artificial kidney dialysis have today a development and maturity, global medical staff to thank him.

September 11, 1943, Dr.Willem Johan Kolff artificial kidney with its well-designed production equipment, successfully for a 68-year-old suffering from the Netherlands Ms. Sophia Schaffstadt acute renal failure were clinical hemodialysis treatment, after 16 times effective hemodialysis treatment, the woman smoothly survived her own kidney function was restored, opened this major breakthrough artificial kidney hemodialysis enter a chapter in the history of clinical development.

In 1950, Dr. Willem Johan Kolff family moved to the United States, in the United States Mount Sinai Hospital, he was the first to use in the Netherlands to develop and produce a drum type of dialysis equipment for the six hours of hemodialysis. Professor Dr.Kolff was at this hospital, and he is the American doctor's identity to guide the whole process of treatment.

  The first generation of drum type artificial kidney successful clinical application, greatly encouraged Dr.Kollf, he and his colleagues, the first generation of drum type artificial kidney has been improved, the wooden drum is stainless steel drum replaced, added a lot of automated control and monitoring facilities, the second generation of drum type artificial kidney device clinical use of more safe and reliable.

 Since the drum type artificial kidney bulky, pre-congestive amount 2000ml above, Dr.Kolff with partners in the United States have developed an artificial kidney tubular coil, and for clinical use in 1955.




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