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[Figures] Secretary Kun Fan eleven to accompany us to grow old Nightingale

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Living in Tuanjiehu Street northbound Community Division Fan Kun elderly this year has been 82 years old. After retiring in 1988 to become an honorary northbound streets Tuanjiehu community care of elderly volunteers, 24 years, there have been more than 200 print media, more than 50 television reported her deeds. "Chaoyang Hospital Surgery matron, the second prize winner of Florence Nightingale, and 29 elderly indissoluble bond" and is the most frequent keywords sentences of various types of reports appears. The nurse has a professional background in community-based volunteer service for the elderly, 24 years volunteering with the elderly community not only warm, but also revealed there are lots of distinctive care clues. And her 60 years of work experience, so she became deserved to accompany us to grow old Nightingale.

37 years never leave the body

In 60 years of career, the Secretary Kun Fan has been a lot of people affected, but also affect many people.

In 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the Secretary Kun Fan Hebei Medical College nursing school, a junior, when she was in a hospital in Tianjin internship, I heard that you want to set up the Korean volunteer medical team news, sign up and become active the medical team the youngest participants. "I was 19 years old, only teams I have no experience, no concept of war, first heard the sound of the plane coming was scared since then hid under the table." It was her first time and last but war revealed panic performance, and this experience only a small range so that the Secretary Kun become stronger, became one of her opportunity to join the party. "I still remember the names of the soldiers who - Wu Wei Tak seriously injured because he lost an eye and an arm, but he just woke up and demand a return to the front lines I am curious to ask him why, he said only answer. the sentence 'I am in the line of fire to join the party'. "Wu Wei back to Germany frontline that day, Secretary Kun Fan watching him sitting in a wooden car slowly away under the kerosene lamp in the evening, she wrote" to join the party application". The period of the applicant's family to join the party very strict conditions, the Secretary Kun Fan landlord family background, since she was 8 years after officially became a Communist. Become members recall that day, the Secretary Kun range of expression is still showing the excitement and glory: "I am very happy, determined to live up to the title of Communist Party members."

1958 Division Fan Kun has been the capital of a nurse Medical University, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital) of the. "Although the time I have a lot of self-study students become doctors, but since I wish I could be like Nightingale the same people. Willing to work with compassion and a pair of hands." She did, from the internship period to 1988 retired, 37-year nursing career, she did not break a day off. As surgical matron, Secretary Kun range of work is very busy, however, no matter how busy, she attached great importance to patients with life care. "We have that time, all nurses must start from the basic nursing care, which is an important part of clinical care." Secretary Kun Fan more than once due to detailed life care and save the lives of patients. In fed this simple primary care, for example, although some patients can dine themselves, but each time the patient meal, she would go to the ward view. There was a 50-year-old male suffering from portal hypertension in patients hospitalized because of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting blood after conservative treatment has been small, and in the process of waiting for surgery, he should have to eat less food residue, but once before holding a dinner to eat fried big row, thanks to the timely detection Suppression Division Fan Kun-risk patients to avoid bleeding. Do a little girl appendectomy surgery, post-operative wound healing referral date and has stitches, doctors also allows the hospital, the parents of children ready in the afternoon to pick her up to go home. After lunch, the Secretary Kun Fan rounds went to the child's bedside, that children must be very happy to go home, let her wonder is that children not only did not look happy, even the lunch did not eat. So Si Kun Fan habit hand head touched the children and found a little hot, look at the wound site, said the children have a sense of tenderness. Check the temperature further to 38.50, from a cell 14,000 Seeing this, she asked the doctor to check immediately made a puncture wound, the infection was found in the afternoon they were incision and drainage ......

In 1985, the Division Fan Kun and two other outstanding care workers also won the Nightingale Award. This is the highest honor the world's nurse, took the medal in the moment, the excitement Secretary Kun Fan uttered award during a meditation from the truth:. "I must let this medal Forever Flash"

Nightingale way to go.

Sister 1988 retirement Secretary Kun Fan, neighborhood by a dedicated community work describes the elderly, coupled with his understanding of the field, the initiative for 29 elderly people in their communities obligation to provide care. The main selection criteria are widows and orphans and elderly people living alone, have them returning from overseas intellectuals, retired old soldier, but also ordinary workers living in poverty. Age 63 years interval from the smallest to the largest 93-year-old. Thereafter, these old youngest Division Fan Kun, began her 24 years of volunteer service. And this time she did not know "volunteers" of the word, but simply want to complete the commitment in obtaining one by one so that Nightingale Award medal forever flash.

It is understood that there are about seven or eight thousand people living in the community Tuanjiehu Street northbound, the mountain is the old district in the early 1980s established community with a lot of elderly people live. Although Beijing Chaoyang Hospital to simply take two bus stops, but for older people here, if no symptoms of illness will not go to the hospital. Secretary Kun Fan more than once in the nearby Tuanjiehu Park to see small due to hypertension and lost their lives to rescue the elderly, "In fact, as long as the timing of eating to control blood pressure medicine, these old people would be so small suddenly died, unfortunately they many people and small know that they have high blood pressure. "for a long time, China's medical community and not taken seriously, combined with China's basic education neglect of health literacy programs, resulting in a lot of elderly people and their families extreme lack of medical care knowledge and health knowledge. With kits and sphygmomanometer Division Fan Kun, riding a bicycle through the community every day in between, for the old people taking blood pressure, pulse measurement, listen to rhythm, for the families of the elderly but also with her own allowance to buy medicine for them also has a wealth of experience in the care of her elderly psychological care for the elderly also attaches great importance to psychological counseling during visits regularly organize activities, both old people reduce physical pain, but also bring more warmth to them. Such volunteerism To some extent, for the elderly community health education is a remedy, but also has lots of shadow care in developed countries - in the mid-19th century to the late 19th century period, the United States and Britain have set up a Lot is called care (District nursing) services, focusing primarily on poor patients for home care, including family members of the patient care guide. Lot nursing staff in most of the volunteers, a few nurses.

24 years, in addition to numerous media reports, there are small little care experts from other countries and China's Hong Kong and Taiwan attracted visited Secretary Kun Fan, exchange experience in community care, by communicating with them, Secretary Kun Fan said: " care in the community, especially the elderly community care side and we compared with developed countries there is still a gap, they have a fixed community care centers, there is a team comprising doctors and nurses, health care for the elderly more systematic and professional. "However, from another point of view, the Secretary Kun range of volunteer service in addition to professional care but also adds a bit impersonal. And a lot of good care practitioners, as Secretary Fan Kun has people enthusiastic, action ten crisp and neat features, in exchange with the care of the elderly in the communication, they are more like old friends, in addition to professional care, she gave the old people more like family concern. "We often go to the park gathering, several times if someone did not come, I'll go to their house to see if there need help J Tuo." Now 82-year-old Kun Fan Division, although action is not very convenient, We will continue to see his care for the elderly. And so far, it is only a 29 friend 94-year-old is still alive.

Nightingale once said: The most unique feature of the care is to assist patients and healthy people to prevent disease, reduce pain, restore health or health promotion. Division Fan Kun personally to practice this sentence. 60 years of work, has gone through different stages of the war, the hospital, community, etc., but has not deviated from her 1989 book, "go Nightingale Road," a book said: Nursing is a noble profession, you must have a selfless heart, burning themselves to illuminate others.

Behind the outstanding supporters

In most cases, a good health care is often a family "bad member." Speaking of family members, the Secretary Kun Fan tone with a touch of guilt: "the growth of a child a woman I've never cared for, my mother and family are taken care of without the support of his family, I have no idea wholeheartedly flutter. . I love to work, "mentioned his wife had died six years, the Secretary Kun Fan said:" he is a very gentle person I married the year before, and he said 'very noble profession of nursing, but must work on call. to. I grew parents died early, one o'clock is not home, you have to think clearly, "his wife said nothing rhetoric, has been quietly supporting the Division Fan Kun.

After her daughter was born the son of the Secretary Kun Fan because of work do not have time to take care of her mother the initiative to take up the responsibility of taking care of their grandchildren, never a word of complaint. Friends will then go after: once on Saturday, her mother said, "Tomorrow you rest, I rest day for it.". Results hospital suddenly something happens, they rush to the Secretary Kun Van hospital, leaving two children scramble to make his wife looked after. After retirement Secretary Kun Fan, busy day of volunteer service, housework is still responsible for his wife, because sometimes busy, she will need help to let his wife care for the elderly drug delivery. "Children are also very supportive of my work, so big learning what never had the heart to let me speak." Speaking of which, the Secretary for old eyes bright, his face has been overflowing with smiles.

Road Nightingale of volunteers

So far, through the provision of day care, Donations and telephone counseling, etc., Secretary Fan Kun has provided services to more than 9700 elderly volunteers. Her volunteer service also received the support of all parties. In 2005, in order to expand the scope of services of volunteers, volunteers make increasing year by year there is a gathering place, with the support of all parties and communities, the volunteers set up a "Fan Kun Secretary Volunteer Matching Studio", opened service hotline. At first, the habit of "man operation" Fan Kun divisions and little understood meaning open studio, she said: "I went to the district to a lecture on post-volunteer, he came to understand in order to allow more people to benefit voluntary activities should have an organization, so that efficiency will be higher. "Sure enough, the studio now caring community volunteer service team has been extended to 625 people, including psychologists, legal advice, lawyer, sociology graduate. The oldest volunteer, 88-year-old, the smallest small to 9 years old.

Identity, participation in different types of occupational social worker, volunteer community service to make up diversification. As a veteran volunteers, Secretary Kun Fan often provide effective recommendations based on their own experience, she said:. "All kinds of volunteers should play to their strengths." For example, a small primary school Tuanjiehu volunteers, beginning plan I thought the old man cleaning the volunteer services provided, but there are security concerns from the reality in this way. Secretary Kun Fan suggested that they go to the elderly regularly accompany the elderly to chat, sing and dance to the old people, distraction loneliness of elderly people living alone, with good results. In addition to these special little volunteers, students at the University of Medicine, near the community of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Chang'an Hospital, Tuanjiehu hospital, water beach child hospital staff have also joined the volunteer team. With the accelerated aging, the number of elderly in community gradually increase, the characteristics of the current widowed elderly living alone, the Division Fan Kun called for more people with medical backgrounds added to the volunteers, "At present, the usual medical heavy workload, it is difficult to meet the week we make a phone call, once a month visits the request, so I recommend retirement to launch a number of health care workers, who have professional knowledge, and time is relatively abundant. " In Division Kun Fan plain old home, and she holds nearly related photos, get Nightingale Award, granted several hospitals nurses cap, went everywhere preaching, care of the patient and the community of old people posed for a photo ...... shines a general care worker extraordinary life, also became her collection go on the road Nightingale's perfect record.




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