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Henan Society of Anesthesiologists

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Henan Society of Anesthesiologists


Medical Anesthesiology specialist branch school in Henan Province is one of the club belongs to Henan Medical Association, was established in April 1982. Henan Medical Association to the first session of the sixth chairman of the Anesthesiology successively chaired by Professor Wu Yan Jun, SUN Rui wide Wangchun Ting, Meng people. In recent years, anesthesiology specialist branch under the direct leadership of Henan Medical Association, the rapid development of academic exchanges active, with remarkable results, for many years been rated as advanced Henan Medical Branch. Anesthesiology specialist branch existing 59 members, throughout various cities in Henan Province, where the vice chairman of the 4 people, 12 members of the Standing Committee, Secretary of 3 people. Anesthesiology established a youth committee, there are 23 members. 2009 and 2010 respectively, was established Anesthesiology anesthesiology group of women and children during the day and anesthesiology groups. Anesthesiology since its inception, has grown, the number of academic activities of participants increases every year, the 2011 Annual Conference attendees province anesthesia official representatives of 351 people, the number of participants reached more than 500 people.

The first time: April 1982 to 1989 Chairman: Wu Yan Jun, vice chairman: Gong Lirong Members: 11 members and secretary: Jui broad Secretary: Han Zhenxing

Second period: 1989 to 1994 Chairman: Jui wide Vice Chairman: Gong Lirong Chen Zheng Members: 13 Members CLERK: Chi Ma Jun Han Zhenxing

Third Time: 1994 to November 2000 Chairman: Jui Kwong, vice chairman: Han Zhenxing Wangchun Ting Members: 29 Members and Secretary: Ma Jun Zhi Meng China

Fourth Time: November 2000 to October 2004 Chairman: Vice Chairman Wang Chunting: Min Zhang Meng Wei members: 34 members and secretary: Dongtie Li Weidong Secretary: Han Xueping


Fifth Time: October 2004 to October 2008 Chairman: Meng, vice chairman of China: Zhang Wei Dong Tieli Feng Yanping Members: 49 Standing Committee and Secretary: Jiang Lihua Qinbing Yu member and secretary: Aiyan Qiu Cheng Jinglin

Sixth Time: October 2008 to December 2013 Chairman: Meng, vice chairman of China: Zhang Wei Dong Tieli Feng Yanping Jiang Lihua members: 59 Secretary: Aiyan Qiu Zhang strengthen the Web in

Seventh Time: December 2013 to date Chairman: Zhang Wei, vice chairman: Dongtie Li Feng Yanping Jiang Lihua Zhang Jiaqiang Zhao Suzhen Han Xueping Li Baolin members: 92 Secretary: Aiyan Qiu Wang Zhongyu Zhang Web in




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