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who is it? The "Hippocratic Oath" to our world.

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"Hippocratic Oath" (The Hippocratic oath), mainly through early Greek, Latin, etc. handed down its English version was first proposed by the medical historian Ludwig Edelstein (Ludwig Edelstein, 1902-1965) in 1943 translation. In 1948, the World Medical Association meeting in Geneva to "Hippocratic Oath" as the basis Amendment adopted the "Geneva Declaration", the Declaration and the "Hippocratic Oath" with the medical profession to become a modern social norms. Edelstein on the "Hippocratic Oath" English translation undoubtedly inherited this tradition in the modern world, played an important role, however, scholars poorly understood. Western scholars existing published literature on Edelstein, only a brief description of the individual, mainly seen alive after his death a few close friends and colleagues, published in 1966 recalled articles. Lack of research and little reason Edelstein described personal life, in addition to the resulting displaced Jewish background, as well as personal factors: he insisted that separate work and life, never wrote any autobiography or self-explanatory literature, including diary, confessed before his death in addition to others soon surfaced documents, but after his death to the destruction of all personal hands unpublished text information.


Edelstein early taught a number of philosophy, history, economics, linguistics, and other disciplines masters, doctoral period that is, in the medical history research has made remarkable achievements, and continue in the medical and scientific research in the history of the classical period the United States, completed "Hippocratic oath: translation and interpretation" and other immortal works for future generations to understand the medical Hippocrates and Hippocrates period provides a valuable asset in the history of medicine discipline has an important position.




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